Master the skills you have always dreamt of with Simple & Easy tutor sessions. Make Online Edu Hong Kong your online training academy.

Learning is fun, convenient and cost effective with Online Edu Hong Kong solely provides a platform to sell education packages. We assist tutors to get students and help students to find ideal tutors to teach subjects they wish to learn, study and practice.

Flexible Timing

Our tutors offer flexibility to clients if you miss out a few days of training you need not worry our trainers will reschedule your training at no additional cost at a time convenient for YOU, subject to a 24 hour notification.

Special Discounts

We love helping our clients learn and educate themselves hence we offer our regular clients both individual and corporates 15% discount on additional tutor sessions undertaken.

Corporate Training

We assist corporates & businesses looking to upscale their employees by conducting
seminars and tutor workshops for multiple employees thus saving them both time and
money as well as adding value to the employees growth in the organisation. We customise
the course and curriculum as per your specific requirements.

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Management Training

Our online tutors are best suited for corporate executives & entrepreneurs. Our tutors will
provide you with key insights, tips and skills to better manage, perform, motivate and
ultimately become a successful leader. If you are looking to increase your skills around management and leadership, and if you believe you have what it takes to lead then we urge
you to register today.

We are able to customise and match you with experienced professionals, according to your
specific skill set requirements after a meeting with our evaluator.

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