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Business training, available today Tomas P.Verified


Hi! My name is Tomas and I am in the first year of the International Management degree at the Warwick Business School.

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Lesson duration: 60 mins

Tutors lessons: One to one, Online tutorial via Skype

Age group: 18 – 30

Cancellation: 24Hours

International Management (Bachelors) – Warwick University

49 completed lessons

About me

Hi! My name is Tomas and I am in the first year of the International Management degree at the Warwick Business School.

I graduated from the IB Programme last summer and 2 years ago I completed the IGCSE. My main area of expertise is Business Studies at both GCSE and IB level. I am passionate about the Business Studies because it is a subject that has many practical uses when applied to real life. Additionally, Business Studies does not only teach you about the Business world, but it also prepares you for the future.

At university, I am part of the football and tennis teams. Also, I am member of the Warwick Entrepreneurship Society, the Warwick Finance Society and the Warwick Business School Society.

Having lived and studied in 7 different countries has made me very open minded. Furthermore, because of this experience I can speak 4 languages and I am able to see everything with a global perspective, this is why I am also able to tutor Geography and French, 2 subjects that also interest me very much. Also, due to this experience, I have experienced many different teaching styles, making me aware of what works best for students and what doesn’t.

To help you improve, I will guide you through step by step in whatever you are struggling with, using as many examples as needed.

About my sessions

Before the tutoring session begins, I will get in touch with you in order to know what specific things you need help with. Then, I will prepare materials and examples to help make the session as efficient as possible.

During the sessions I will work step by step with you through the examples I prepared and then if you have any specific questions you are struggling with, I will help and guide you through it too. If there is a specific concept you are not quite understanding, I will try my best to explain it as clearly as possible to you, with examples when possible. Any questions you have, ask me; I am here to help you in your learning.

In my opinion, the best way to prepare for exams is by doing past paper after past paper. We will measure your progress by seeing how you improve with every past paper (or specific question) you do.

In order to keep motivated, you have to look at your end goal; why are you studying what you are studying? Why do you want to get a good grade? Think about the university you aspire to go to, or the job you aspire to have. Always remember what you want, because with hard work, anything is possible!

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