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Ciao! I’m Domiziana, 24, Italian, I speak 3 languages (guess which!). I am doing a DPhil in Migration at the University of Oxford funded by the Clarendon Scholarship.

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Lesson duration: 60 mins

Tutors lessons: One to one, Online tutorial via Skype

Age group: 18 – 65


Cancellation: 24Hours

DPhil Migration (Doctorate) – Wolfson College, Oxford University



About me

Ciao! I’m Domiziana, 24, Italian, I speak 3 languages (guess which!). I am doing a DPhil in Migration at the University of Oxford funded by the Clarendon Scholarship. I got a MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge (Distinction, final grade: 80,5) with a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. I have a BA in Liberal Arts and Science from Amsterdam University College (GPA 4.00). I specialized in Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies. I took my diploma from an Italian high school where I mostly had scientific subjects (math’s, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science). I graduated with 100/100 and in each of the scientific subjects I had 9/10. After high school, I kept developing my math’s skills. I was trained in quantitative research, which means a lot of math’s. I also have been tutoring students from different backgrounds and levels in math’s, physics, and statistics since 2015. My approach: I don’t teach to learn by heart. I teach students how to get to solutions through creative routes. If in math’s there is often only one solution, there is never one way to get there. Math’s aside, my love is for sociology. I guide students in understanding sociological concepts, theories, and jargon and more fundamentally in developing critical thinking. Through knowledge of concepts, critical thinking, and the strengthening of writing techniques, I help students build their confidence to ace their exams! PS: I can help you with Oxbridge applications!

About my sessions

My educational and tutoring experience and my research with migrant youths made me appreciate the diversity of learning and teaching styles that there can be. My priority when I start tutoring, is to get a sense of students’ learning style and to adapt my teaching techniques accordingly. To do so, I follow three steps:

1) Set learning goals with students. I get to know the student, understand what she/he thinks her/his needs are, and devise a set of achievable learning goals and an action plan to fulfil these.

2) Enact action plan: I will prepare for each lesson according to the action plan. During the lessons I will ask the student to demonstrate his/her comprehension through exercises, conversations, and questions. Relevant past exams and mock exam questions will be used. At the end, I will assign homework, which we will revise together at the beginning of the next session. This enables me to adapt my teaching techniques.

3) Evaluate teaching styles and students’ learning. Through constant communication with students and the evaluation of homework, we are to identify changes to the action plan that need to be done.

To conclude, I am flexible, introspective, a good listener and communicator. These are important qualities for a meaningful tutor-student relationship, central to the successful academic and personal developments of students….and tutors as well!

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