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Economics with Managment Preslav K.Verified


My sessions will be structured so that all students get the help that they require.

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Lesson duration: 60 mins

Tutors lessons: One to one, Online tutorial via Skype

Age group: 18 – 30


Cancellation: 24Hours

Economics with Managment (Bachelors) – Loughborough University

About me

My name is Preslav and I am currently studying at Loughborough University. Studying Economics has allowed me to develop knowledge in a broad range of scientific and social areas from simple math models to the complex economic theory and the equations and graphs that are behind it. And over time, I have come to understand that there are core principles and concepts across all subjects that when learned make them easier and, more importantly, fun to learn! I also remember the stress and pressures that accompanies any assessment or exam, and like you, didn’t particularly enjoy doing them. However, using my own techniques, I learned to remain calm, think methodically to tackle problems and manage my time efficiently in order to get where I am today. And these are the skills that I want to pass to all my students. Having been tutored once too, I understand more than most that a one to one session can make a very hard concept seem easy, completely changing how I approached questions and exams. I take it as my responsibility to make sure that all my students can feel the same and achieve the results they want to get into any educational institution they want.


About my sessions

My sessions will be structured so that all students get the help that they require. The first session will consist of discussing the areas in which the student would like to improve and the methods of teaching that they respond to. Every student is different and therefore I am flexible in my teaching techniques to accommodate for everyone. The rest of the first session and any afterwards will be covering one or two topics. I will begin by teaching the core principles and foundation of the topics before going into how to apply the equations or theories in examples. Where possible I will teach the general method in which to tackle common questions that crop up on topics. As we progress we will go over past paper questions (specific to the exam board of a particular student) until the student is confident in their abilities. At the end of the session we will briefly discuss which topic the next session will be on and in the meantime I will gather the materials required. I will also be able to provide “homework sheets” upon request that will test the student. Nearing the end of a chapter or subject I will also suggest doing a test to monitor progress. Of course I am open to any questions and in fact encourage the student to ask questions on things they are uncertain on so that the student can be completely satisfied.

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