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Psychology Steph A.Verified


I have recently completed my PhD in Psychology, and have lots of tutoring experience.

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Lesson duration: 60 mins

Tutors lessons: One to one, Online tutorial via Skype

Age group: 18 – 65


Cancellation: 24Hours

Psychology (Bachelors) – Birmingham University

About me

I have recently completed my PhD in Psychology, and have lots of tutoring experience. I first tutored for Maths in 2009 after sitting my own GCSE exams. I completed my BSc in Psychology at the University of Birmingham in 2014, and began my PhD research later the same year. During my time as a PhD student I gained over 3 years’ worth of experience teaching Psychology at University level. More recently I have taken on online tutoring as my main job, and over the last year have completed sessions with students in Psychology, Maths, and Music Theory.


Outside of my academic studies and tutoring work, I have been involved in a range of other activities. Some of these are education-related, such as writing revision materials and supplementary resources to accompany existing textbooks in their online versions. I love to learn, and I spend a lot of free time playing my violin (which I took up as an adult).


From my own experience studying for exams, I know that sometimes a bit of help is needed to understand content or concepts, at other times, it is about figuring out how to apply knowledge successfully to maximise marks gained in an exam. I aim to help students find the best approach to reach success – whether it be understanding specific topics, working on exam technique, or delving further into their studies to reach beyond their current syllabus.

About my sessions

For Psychology, I specialise in research methods, cognitive, and biological psychology. Sessions vary depending on the topics covered, and can include practice questions, discussion/debate, and revision strategies. I can also provide sessions on statistics/SPSS content and quantitative research.


For Maths, I can tailor sessions towards teaching content, identifying misconceptions, or exam practice. I am also able to offer revision/extension work for students who have completed GCSE and would like a head start for A-level; and support for other subjects requiring maths skills.


For music theory, I can support students from beginner up to grade 5, whether this is specifically aiming towards an ABRSM exam, knowledge to help with GCSE work, or an introduction to reading music.


I also welcome students who wish to extend rather than prepare for specific exams, e.g. if you would like subject-specific mentoring or help preparing for your next level of study.


The advantage of tutoring is that it allows each student to define and access the support that they want or need. Sessions will be different depending on whether the focus is content, exam-technique, or a mixture, but would generally include opportunities for the student to ask questions, explanations, examples, and a chance for the student to work through material, with help if needed.

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